Children are able to learn anything in the right environment. This is the main approach developed by Maria Montessori. Our concept is based on many of Montessoris methods.

Our teachers give each child responsive individualized attention. This will help the children build their skills in self-help, speaking, physical and motor skills, social and emotional growth, sensory and perception.

We set our priority on language and physical & motor skills. Language is our most important communicational medium and is supported individually. Children are able to learn a second language in the exactly same way they learned their first. We use the „immersion method“ which follows the principle: „one person – one language“. This means that every teacher will only be speaking in their native language.
Movement is a basic need for every child and is also the main premise for the motor, mental and social development. We provide a wide range of motion stimulations, inside and outside.

Because of the generous space in our centres, we offer music programs, sport programs and individual speech therapy. Parents have the possibility to add additional programs to support their child’s needs and/or interests.

This way the child feels comfortable in its familiar environment and the parents save time and avoid stressful drives to different clubs.

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